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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for Billings

If you get invited to a meetup at a local park in Billings, don't get the name wrong, because there are 47.

To put that in perspective, the entire square mileage of Billings proper is about 43.5. That's a ratio of >1 park per square mile. Leslie Knope would be proud.

But it gets even more impressive. That >1 ratio only accounts for official municipal parks within city limits, not the 2,001 acres of undeveloped but decidedly parklike areas such as South Hills and the half-dozen spectacular state and national parks within hours of the city—like Yellowstone National Park. Maybe you've heard of it?

If you want shopping and nightlife, too, stop reading now, pack your stuff, and haul tail through the Wild West until you reach Billings.

When you get here, call DISH to get TV for your new home. Being a significantly developed city, Billings has more TV options than Kalispell, Red Lodge, or Chinook. But DISH isn't just a great option when it's the only one—it's a great option all the time, with hundreds of channels including local and HD networks, a 99.9% reliability rate for a signal as clear as any cable or DSL network, and sustainable prices guaranteed not to change during your term.

With local networks included, you can be watching Q2 News with the rest of Billings a few short days after arriving—maybe sooner. All you need to get started with a TV plan you'll love is the date of your move and your new address.

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