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If you subscribed to DISH just to watch every season of Game of Thrones, then living in Victor is probably up your alley. Set amid the Bitterroot Mountains and lush meadows, Victor is the kind of rugged, meat-eating, mead-drinking community that once drew members of the Salish tribe and the earliest trappers and explorers making their ways West.

The town was founded in 1881 and named after President Garfield, only to change to Victor (after Chief Victor of the Salish tribe) when residents realized another town had taken the name. Today, fans of GOT can see what it's like to really hunt large game, like bison and elk, on one of Trapper Peak Outfitter's trips into the Sapphire and Bitterroot Mountain ranges. Or you could learn flintknapping, fire making, and shelter building depending on your preference.

Oh, and that mead. The Hidden Legend Winery is known for the 8,000-year-old honey-wine and has been for many years preceding its re-discovered popularity. Crafted in the style of the Old World, there are more than a dozen flavors to choose from.

Victor averages twenty-eight inches of snow per year (two inches more than the national average) and the January low is eighteen degrees. So, yes, in Victor, winter is always coming…