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While Plant City has primarily been an agrarian city throughout most of its history, the name has less to do with the humble roots of the town and more to do with Henry B. Plant. Though, that isn't to suggest that Plant wasn't important to local agriculture, because his railroad would end up connecting Plant City (then Ichepucksassa) with the greater South Florida Railroad, which was vital to the city's commercial growth.

Today, Plant City maintains a charming, small-town atmosphere, despite the steady rise in the population. This can be seen in favored local traditions like the annual Florida Strawberry Festival, which usually takes place in February and is exemplary of the city's moniker: the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. The climate is relatively stable throughout the whole of the year, typically fluctuating between 70 in the cold months and 90 in the hottest months, which makes Plant City an ideal place for farming.

But what's a lot of hard farming work without a little play? Plant City locals like to spend relaxing evenings at home with friends and family. Sometimes that means having some drinks with friends after a long day or sharing a home cooked meal while catching up on neighborhood news. Either way, you can take advantage of DISH TV channel packs and on-demand services to help you be the entertainer for the evening. Imagine having all of the latest movies ready to watch whenever you are.