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A thousand years before Crystal River became an American tourist destination, it was a Native American tourist destination.

According to archaeologists, Native Americans used the Crystal River's pristine waterways and surrounding land for hunting, trade, cultural exchange, and sacred burial ceremonies. The clues: pottery and jewelry from across the continent, bones from non-native species, and the loudest clue of all, the giant man-made mounds of earth dotting the area.

These mounds and artifacts are now preserved as part of the Crystal River Archaeological State Park and its onsite museum. If the museum doesn't spark some insight into these first civilizations, the view from the mounds probably will. Rumors say you might even see a manatee from the top if you go in December.

When you want to learn lessons from history without leaving the house—and without squinting at a mobile web page for hours—try DISH. Most plans have the History Channel and local channels including PBS at no extra cost, so you can get your documentary on whenever you want.

Then go out and make your own history with an afternoon of fun at Three Sisters Springs.