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DISH brings you every touchdown, sword fight, and passionate kiss in vivid HD—at reasonable prices that won’t skyrocket in year 2.

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DISH partners with Internet providers all through the country so you can order both at once. To get Internet today, just call to order the DISH package you want, and we’ll let you know about Internet providers available in Seattle, walk you through their packages, and place your order for you. Then you can dust off your hands and go about your business.

3-Month Free Access to SHOWTIME® and DISH Movie Pack™*

With DISH, watch award-winning fiction, documentary, and sports from exclusive studios totally FREE for the first three months of your term. If you aren’t glued to those channels after three months, you can cancel them with no penalty and get back to the stuff you can’t tear yourself away from.

Watch the Same Amazing Content on Mobile

The DISH Anywhere app might just make you feel like you shrunk your TV and brought it to work with you. Over lunch, you can pull out your cell phone or tablet and stream thousands of On Demand movies and series, anything in your DVR library, or even live TV when you choose a Sling-enabled receiver. If you’re happy to wait until after work for TV time, DISH Anywhere can be a lifesaver for those airport waits or school play intermissions when you want to catch the last two minutes of an important game.