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Frontier Internet Speeds for DISH Customers

  • Speeds for email, surfing, streaming

  • FiOS plans available in select areas

  • Prices start at just $27.99/mo.

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Frontier Internet Plans and Prices

Frontier Internet packages are available in 29 states, with some areas designated for FiOS plans and others for High-Speed Internet. Both services help households stay connected, with FiOS supporting even more devices and users.

Frontier High-Speed Internet

  • Starts at $27.99/mo.

  • Up to 45 Mbps

  • Broadband

Frontier FiOS Internet

  • Starts at $29.99/mo.

  • Up to 940 Mbps

  • Fiber Optic

Subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Internet not provided by DISH and billed separately

Speed Tiers for Frontier High-Speed Internet

Internet speeds are expressed in megabits per second (Mbps), which measures how many bits of data your connection can send or receive at one time. Frontier internet speeds start at up to 6 Mbps with faster options available to allow more bandwidth for busier homes.

  • Ideal for 1–2 users

  • Best for email, browsing, and shopping

  • No annual commitment

  • Ideal for 2–4 users

  • Best for HD streaming

  • No annual commitment

  • Ideal for 4–6 users

  • Best for households with lots of devices

  • No annual commitment

Frontier FiOS Internet Turns Up the Speed

FiOS, a newer and more efficient type of internet service, delivers higher speeds for modern homes with dozens of connected devices. With internet speeds as fast as 940 Mbps in some areas, Frontier FiOS Internet can reduce or even eliminate buffering, lag, and slow load times while you use the internet.

What Can I Do with FiOS Internet Speed?


FiOS Internet lets you stream TV, movies, videos, music, and podcasts and trust your connection’s reliability and speed the whole time. Fiber-optic internet is especially good for supporting multiple streamers at once in the same home.


Frontier FiOS offers one of the best internet connections for gaming. The excellent ping rate means you can play nearly lag-free, and upload speeds as fast as download speeds let you lead your team without worrying about a dropped connection.

Video Chat

Enjoy better sound, images, and transfer rate during video chat with FiOS Internet plans. FiOS offers upload speeds equal to download speeds so your voice and image come through more clearly—and so do grandma and grandpa’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is Frontier High-Speed Internet?

Frontier High-Speed Internet starts at up to 6 Mbps and goes up to 45 Mbps, depending on availability. For families with light internet needs, or rural areas where dial-up is the standard internet option, even the 6 Mbps speed tier offers valuable bandwidth for daily online activities.

What is FiOS Internet?

FiOS is a type of internet service powered by fiber optics, which are thin strands of glass that can easily transmit data at triple-digit speeds. FiOS packages provide enough bandwidth for multiple users in a home to stream, surf, and game without a hitch, all at the same time.

Is FiOS available in my area?

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