Enjoy unlimited data and satellite Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps in select areas when you order Viasat with DISH today.

Satellite Internet
Speeds up to

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6 Reasons to Choose Viasat Satellite Internet

Faster Speeds

With speeds up to 12, 25, 50, and 100 Mbps in some areas, Viasat is even faster than some hardwired Internet services.

Unlimited Data

No need to watch your Internet use so carefully. Viasat doesn’t charge fees if you use more than the typical amount of data.*

2-Year Price Lock Guarantee

Viasat helps you manage your budget better, with a special 3-month intro price followed by a steady rate through month 24.

Free Standard Installation

Save on your first bill. For a limited time, professional installation is included with qualifying Viasat packages.**

Built-in Wi-Fi

Viasat Internet routers come with a built-in modem, so you only need to plug in one device to receive your Internet signal.

Short-Term Options

If you’re moving soon or just want some added flexibility, you can select a shorter term-length for an additional fee.

The Satellite Internet and TV Dream Team

USDISH and the satellite Internet provider Viasat have partnered to bring fast Internet to your home—even if you live far, far away from a big city. That’s one more quality home service you won’t have to sacrifice to live where you feel most at ease.

DISH Gives You Cable-Quality TV, with Savings on Top

Order DISH Network to enjoy the same channels and reliability as cable no matter your ZIP code. Every DISH plan gives you the entertainment you love at an affordable price and comes with extra deals like the signature 2-year price guarantee and included HD DVR with Voice Remote.

More Internet Plans Available

Looking for more Internet options? USDISH partners with multiple providers so you can pair your TV package with the Internet plan that’s best for your home.