The Most Searched Game of Thrones Great House in Your State

When you watch a fantasy series as epic and complex as HBO’s Game of Thrones on TV, it’s hard to stay off the internet about it. If you’re not sharing a hot take, maybe you’re nerding out over fan theories, or honestly, just trying to follow the plot better. With spinoff House of the Dragon coming in 2022 (but not soon enough), America is back at the GoT research. Take a gander at how the Great Houses of Westeros are trending today, and see which one your state can’t keep from following.

Find the Game of Thrones House Your State Googles Most

Game of Thrones Houses Ranked by National Search Volume

#1House Stark
#2House Targaryen
#3House Tyrell
#4House Lannister
#5House Bolton
#6House Gardener
#7House Martell
#8House Tully
#9House Baratheon
#10House Frey
#11House Greyjoy
#12House Arryn
#13House Royce
#14House Casterly
#15House Hoare
#16House Baratheon of King’s Landing
#17House Mudd
#18House Justman
#19Bronn’s unnamed house
#20House Baratheon of Dragonstone
#21House Durrandon

Interesting Findings

  • House Targaryen was the most googled Great House of Westeros in 16 states, while House Tyrell was the most googled in 10 states.
  • Although the Game of Thrones narrative centers several members of House Stark, only one state (New Hampshire) googled it more than other Great Houses.
  • Across all states, however, House Stark had the most total search volume (the pack survives, baby!), pushing the controversial House Targaryen to second place.
  • Washington, DC was the only US location that googled House Baratheon the most.
  • The intense love-hate dynamic many viewers have with House Lannister did not push the notorious family to the top spot in many states—only four researched the Lannisters more than other noble houses.
  • Of the 16 Houses that got the most search volume in at least one state, 8 were extinct by the end of the series.


To identify each state’s most-searched Great House from Game of Thrones, we first compiled a list of the Great Houses from the Game of Thrones wiki on We then used SEMRush to find the search volume for each Great House by state.

StateGreat Houses of Westeros
AlabamaHouse Targaryen
AlaskaHouse Lannister
ArizonaHouse Frey
ArkansasHouse Targaryen
CaliforniaHouse Gardene
ColoradoHouse Targaryen
ConnecticutHouse Targaryen
DelawareHouse Tyrell
District of ColumbiaHouse Baratheon
FloridaHouse Royce
GeorgiaHouse Frey
HawaiiHouse Bolton
IdahoHouse Targaryen
IllinoisHouse Targaryen
IndianaHouse Targaryen
IowaHouse Lannister
KansasHouse Tyrell
KentuckyHouse Tyrell
LouisianaHouse Frey
MaineHouse Tyrell
MarylandHouse Greyjoy
MassachusettsHouse Frey
MichiganHouse Targaryen
MinnesotaHouse Arryn
MississippiHouse Tyrell
MissouriHouse Frey
MontanaHouse Targaryen
NebraskaHouse Targaryen
NevadaHouse Targaryen
New HampshireHouse Stark
New JerseyHouse Tully
New MexicoHouse Tyrell
New YorkHouse Frey
North CarolinaHouse Martell
North DakotaHouse Targaryen
OhioHouse Targaryen
OklahomaHouse Targaryen
OregonHouse Martell
PennsylvaniaHouse Tyrell
Rhode IslandHouse Lannister
South CarolinaHouse Frey
South DakotaHouse Targaryen
TennesseeHouse Martell
TexasHouse Royce
UtahHouse Martell
VermontHouse Targaryen
VirginiaHouse Arryn
WashingtonHouse Tyrell
West VirginiaHouse Tyrell
WisconsinHouse Tyrell
WyomingHouse Lannister

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