Marvel vs. DC: Your State’s Favorite Comics

Avengers: Infinity War releases Thursday on the heels of Black Panther earlier this year and two other “super” movies from late 2017, Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League. The arrival of every new superhero movie respawns the heated battle between DC and Marvel fans.

Everyone’s so excited to see their favorite superheroes and villains that they can’t help but watch the previous movies and then compare notes about which side possesses the better, stronger, wealthier, or smarter characters.

Behold, the superhero that surpasses Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman, Hulk, and Aquaman: the scientific method. Google Trends in the United States acts as an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, quantitatively proving which comics and characters are your state’s favorites.


Marvel Beats DC for Favorite Comic Universe, but the Margins Are Thin

DC vs Marvel map


In some states, the Marvel versus DC comics argument rages on because of each fandom’s dedication to its respective universe.

The ongoing debate is to be expected. How could a state ever decide upon one comic book universe over another? That appears to be the case in West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida, and North Carolina, where residents tie fifty-fifty for DC and Marvel.

Other states clearly prefer one comic universe to another. Kentucky, Oregon, and Indiana love Marvel. Maryland, California, and the District of Columbia rally around DC. Most states, though, barely reach consensus. In Mississippi, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, DC or Marvel comics win by a single point.


States’ Favorite DC and Marvel Characters Are All over the Map

The situation gets more interesting when you look at individual superheroes.

One state, Utah, celebrates both sides of the universe, with Captain America and Batman ranking as residents’ favorite superheroes from either universe. Utahns rejoice every time they spot any Marvel or DC superhero.


Some states possibly base their favorite characters on location.

New York, for example, follows Daredevil. 

Virginia, only a few hours away by train, likes Daredevil’s occasional colleague Luke Cage. 

Hawaii also seems to favor a location-based superhero: Aquaman, who arises from the lost city of Atlantis.

Michigan acts similarly in its fandom for the Canadian Wolverine.

Other states adopt characters without seeming rhyme or reason.

Florida, for instance, claims the Hulk, but the hero originates from Dayton, Ohio.

Oklahoma also makes an intriguing choice, Green Arrow of Star City.

New Mexico follows a similar, undecipherable trajectory. There, people belong equally to DC and Marvel in the persons of Catwoman and Black Widow.


Other Favorite Characters by State






DC and Marvel Comics Trivia

Besides the state-based information about favorite superheroes, other trivia could serve you in good stead as you wait to see the newest Marvel or DC film. Use this information to entertain friends or strike up conversations with people standing in line next to you:

  • If you’re already excited about Black Panther, prepare for additional excitement. This character was the first black superhero.
  • Many people assume Superman and Captain America were the first published comic book heroes. They’re not. That honor belongs to Mandrake the Magician, a magician with hypnotic hands.
  • On a related note, Superman isn’t the oldest DC superhero. To find that character, look for Doctor Occult, a detective who possesses powers similar to those of Doctor Strange.
  • For Marvel, the first superhero was an android version of the Human Torch. You may or may not count this hero since it was published underneath Marvel’s original moniker, Timely.
  • The first female superhero, Fantomah, fights as a skull-faced creature with a host of supernatural powers. She’s no longer around but can be thought of as the foundation of the Wonder Woman and Black Widow you know today.
  • Marvel and DC usually vie for a top-comics spot. But Marvel edged out DC recently, thanks to the addition of Star Wars.
  • If you want to know the highest-grossing comic book movie series to date, Business Insider delivers a detailed answer. The Batman film franchise secures the foremost position at nearly $3.5 billion; the X-Men film franchise places second.

Now you know your state’s favorite comics and superheroes. Do you agree or disagree with the results? If you disagree, which DC or Marvel character is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments or on social.

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