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How to Program a DISH Network Remote to Your TV

New customers, don’t worry about programming your DISH TV remote — it works with your new Hopper DVR receiver right out of the box. If you run into remote control hiccups down the road, follow these steps to reset your DISH remote control and get back to watching TV ASAP. Want to cut down on […]

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7 Biopics to Watch for Women’s History Month on DISH

Tune in to women-centered stories this March on DISH On Demand. During Women’s History Month this March, DISH On Demand is featuring women-centered stories — among them, seven historical heroines who left lasting impressions on the world. Tune in to DISH Network On Demand to explore the themes that surround their lives and how they […]

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Your State’s Most Popular Kids Halloween Movie in 2023

Jump to: In October, the air is chillier, the sweaters are warmer, and the movies are spookier. What better way to celebrate the season than to watch nostalgic Halloween movies from your childhood? To help you determine which classic film to start with (perhaps using our satellite TV package), the team at USDish compiled our […]

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The 20 Most Award-Nominated Films in Hollywood History

View our 2023 report on the most award-nominated films in Hollywood history. Since our 2021 report, three newer films have pushed older titles down the list.

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Stephen King Scream Job Winner 2022

Filmmaker, Filmwatcher—It’s All The Same for Steven Morris Here’s an idea: watch 13 Stephen King movies during the Halloween season, keep track of your heart rate, and give us your results in video format, and we’ll pay you $1,300. For artist and filmmaker Steven Morris, this was the task at hand, and while many might […]

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Pennywise Would Be Proud—The Most Googled Stephen King Movies

USDish used Google Trends to find out which Stephen King film adaptations were searched the most in each state.

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