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The Most Award-Nominated Films of All Time

USDish examines the best of the film industry to determine the most award-nominated movies of all time. Have you seen the top 10 on the list?

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We Have a Galentine’s Day Victor!

Never underestimate the power of a girl gang out to have a good night. The Galentine’s Day Challenge received a flood of applications, but only one lucky gal secured the chance to take celebrating “only the best day ever” with her squad to the next level.

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The Most Popular TV Episodes & Shows During the Holiday Season

Ever wondered which TV shows and episodes are most popular on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, respectively? We found out.

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5 COVID-19 Work from Home Security Tips

Social distancing is crucial to limit the spread of COVID-19, which is why many companies have made the change to remote work. The only problem? Hackers are taking advantage.  Since the start of quarantine, cybercrime has increased over 37%. A spike in COVID-19-related phishing scams is partly to blame, but hackers have also capitalized on […]

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DISH Network Military Discount and First Responder Discounts

For many people, it takes conscious effort to put down the phone or leave work at 5 to spend a meaningful evening with family. But if you’ve ever spent months deployed overseas or long nights rescuing accident victims, prioritizing family time might come a little easier. To thank emergency responders and military personnel for their […]

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2019 Stephen King Scream Job Challenge Winner

Meet the doctor who took on the master of horror  When USDish.com launched the first Stephen King scream job challenge in 2019, there was no shortage of eager entries. But one man, or should we say doctor, stood out from the half a million applicants.  Dr. Anthony Tobia, a professor of behavioral medicine and psychiatry […]

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