Hogwarts Houses Survey—The Sorting Hat Made Its Choices

Since 1997, people have been reading about the magical adventures of Harry Potter and his best mates Ron and Hermione. In 2001, the first Harry Potter film hit theaters, marking the start of something special for its fans. And although the final Harry Potter film came out in 2011, Potterheads continue to want more from the wizarding world. Luckily, the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them series continues to dive deep into Harry Potter lore, with the latest film, Secrets of Dumbledore, releasing in April 2022. While Dumbledore may have his secrets, the thing fans worldwide want to know is which Hogwarts House they belong to.

Whether you’re a Gryffindor gal, a Slytherin stan, a Hufflepuff homie, or a radical Ravenclaw, you are sure of one thing—your house is better than the others. And although the Sorting Hat is the one that ultimately chooses your house, we decided to do a little sorting ourselves. Using a combination of Google Trends and a survey of 1000 Wizarding World quiz-takers, USDISH wanted to know which state belonged to which “Harry Potter” house and where you believed you should reside.

A Thousand Potterheads Have Spoken

While Google Trends told us which Hogwarts House each state was searching for the most, we thought we’d ask the true Harry Potter fans where their state should land and how they feel about their house placement. Any Potter fan knows that the Hogwarts House you’re sorted in isn’t only about preference—a house placement has a lot to do with your personality traits. As the Sorting Hat puts it, the bravest go to Gryffindor while the power-hungry end up in Slytherin.

We’ve broken our survey findings into three sections:

  • The house people would sort their state in.
  • The house people are sorted in versus the house they wish to be sorted in.
  • How do people feel about the house they were sorted in.

Check out our results below!

Americans overall agreed with the Hogwarts House Google Trends sorted their state into. Even Hufflepuff—all five states (Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Vermont, and Wyoming)—concurred that their people belonged in arguably the least popular house in Harry Potter lore.

Though most people would sort themselves in the same Hogwarts House Wizarding World sorted them into, Slytherin homes were split down the middle. Half of the households would sort themselves into Malfoy’s camp while the other half wished they were anywhere else.

While most Gryffindor and Slytherin homes were happy with their placement, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw homes sang a different tune. Although Ravenclaw homes felt hopeful about their placement, stating they’ll “make the best of it,” most sorted into the Hufflepuff house were either ashamed or angry of their house placement.

Interesting Findings

  • Gryffindor was by far the Hogwarts House people were most proud of, either individually or by state. Surprisingly, only three states sorted into Harry’s house—Connecticut, Michigan, and Utah.
  • Maybe people were more curious about the dark arts than light magic. Slytherin House was the most searched Hogwarts House in 27 states. Sixteen states were sorted into Ravenclaw House in second place, and five states ended up in Hufflepuff.
  • Although arguably the least popular, Hufflepuff homes were still the second most sorted-into house individually. 25% of our respondents sorted into Hufflepuff on Wizarding World, with Gryffindor taking the title at 43%. 18% were sorted into Slytherin, and 15% sorted into Ravenclaw. 
  • There are plenty of reasons to be proud of the Hogwarts House you were sorted into. Of our respondents, 60% believed their house better matched their personality traits. Another 24% would prefer to be in a particular house because their favorite Harry Potter character resided there.


To sort each state into a Hogwarts House, we used Google Trends to see which house was searched for the most in each state for the past five years. Additionally, we conducted a survey on Pollfish using 1,000 respondents who had taken the Wizarding World quiz and been sorted into a Hogwarts House. We analyzed their sentiment towards their preferred house and which Hogwarts House they believed their state should belong in.

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