DISH Network Hacks for Making Your Subscription Yours

Sometimes a tiny adjustment can reveal a whole new world. Scan these DISH Network tips to learn about built-in features that were designed to help you turn your TV experience into whatever you want it to be.

DISH gives you seamless control

  • Access your Hopper 3 interface from up to 6 other TVs or your Smart HD DVR interface from a second TV by connecting a Joey receiver to each additional TV set
  • Switch rooms during a show by using the Room-to-Room playback feature on your Smart HD or Hopper 3 DVR to press Pause in one room and Play in another
  • See what’s currently playing on your other TVs and join in or manage recordings by going to the Hopper 3 Activity Viewing feature
  • Customize your room setup with one of three additional Joey models for a wire-free look, 4K resolution, or more recording capacity
  • Create a personalized channel guide by using the filter feature to hide the channels you don’t watch often
  • Set default filters on individual receivers—great for helping the kids find their shows more easily
  • Set up parental rights to restrict ratings or channels on certain receivers
  • Enjoy automatically skipped commercials without having to move a muscle with AutoHop, a built-in setting that takes you right to the next segment during select primetime shows

DISH gives you more to watch and more ways to watch it

  • Get 8x more recording power, 4x more storage, and 3x more connected TVs when you upgrade from the included Smart HD DVR to the Hopper 3 for just $5/month
  • Watch a second channel in a small, inset window by activating Picture in Picture mode—great for keeping your eye on another game
  • Watch four channels at once in a grid layout by activating MultiView mode—great for tourney time
  • Enjoy auto-saved primetime TV from most local networks with Primetime Anytime
  • Preview channels not in your plan FREE for 1 month
  • Watch premium channels FREE for the first 3 months*: Starz®, Showtime®, and DISH Movie Pack™
  • Watch 8,000+ FREE On Demand movies and TV shows or rent from 20,000+ total titles by searching for “On Demand” or entering the title, actor, or genre you’re interested in and selecting from the On Demand options in the search results
  • Watch Netflix without changing inputs by signing in to the included app or going right to channel 370. All you need is a Netflix subscription.
  • Save recordings to an external drive to make room on your DVR or take your shows on the road
  • Access your DVR library and watch select live TV on mobile with the DISH Anywhere app
  • Try the DISH Tailgater for more ways to take DISH with you

DISH gives you ideas for what to watch

  • Find recent activity on the Hopper 3 home screen to pick up where you left off
  • Create subfolders in your Hopper 3 DVR library to save recordings by person, genre, or anything else
  • Check the Hopper 3 home screen for recommendations based on upcoming premieres, trending shows, and sports broadcasts for the day
  • Click any title for more information including trailers, critic ratings, and parental guides
  • Use the built-in GameFinder app on the Hopper 3 to see games and stats by team, player, or channel, and sign up for Gametime texts if you want reminders

DISH gives you agile navigation

  • Connect your Hopper 3 to your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to find shows and navigate the interface by speaking voice commands to Amazon Alexa
  • Turn your smart remote into a universal remote by pairing it with other internet-connected devices
  • Use the microphone button to voice search by title, keyword, actor, or genre
  • Quick-skip 30 seconds or fast-forward at higher speeds through pre-recorded content
  • Recall up to 6 previous channels, not just one or two, by pressing the Recall button on your remote
  • Use your phone or tablet as a remote as another way to reduce the number of devices cluttering your living room
  • Find your remote easily with the Remote Finder button on your receiver


The Hopper 3 is the biggest DISH Network tip there is for getting the most from your subscription. Don’t have one yet? Call 000-000-0000 now to upgrade for just $5 more a month.


Commercial skip feature is available at varying times, starting the day after airing, for select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC recorded with PrimeTime Anytime. Recording hours vary; 2000 hours based on SD programming. Equipment comparison based on available from major TV providers based on 6/1/16. Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device. Prices include Hopper Duo for qualifying customers.  Hopper, Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 $5/mo. more. Upfront fees may apply based on credit qualification.

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