DISH Integrates with Google Assistant

As technology pushed forward, finding and watching your favorite shows is only getting easier. Now that you can talk to your TV to change the channels and search for your favorite actors or directors, DISH thought it was time to integrate Google with its receiver box.

Curious to know how it’s all going to work? Keep reading:

When can I start using Google with my DISH products?

Customers will be able to start using Google to control their DISH products by the middle of 2018.

What DISH products can I use with Google Home/Assistant?

Any generation of the Hopper, the Wally single-tuner HD receiver, and all models of the Joey client will have Google Assistant integration.

How does Google Home work with my DISH products?

Three things need to happen for you to use Google Assistant with your DISH Hopper Joey Products:

  1. Make sure your Google Home is connected to your home’s WiFi.
  2. Download the DISH Anywhere App to your smartphone or other devices you use to control your Google Home.
  3. Open the DISH Anywhere App and follow the instructions on your smartphone app and/or TV to complete the syncing process.

How do I use my DISH products with Google Home/Assistant?

Once your DISH products are synced with Google Assistant, you’ll be able to talk to your Google Home or Google Assistant to control your paired TV with phrases like “Hey Google, find The Walking Dead” and “Hey Google, pause my movie”. Additionally, your receiver will be able to take commands from Google Home, as well as your smartphone.

What Voice Commands can I use with Google?

The integration will allow for the following voice command functionalities:

Change channels by name or number. Ex: “Hey Google, go to channel 107” or “Change the channel to ABC”

Search for shows by name or category. Ex: “Hey Google, play Game of Thrones” or “Search for reality TV shows”

Play, pause, resume, fast forward, and rewind content. Ex: “Hey Google, rewind 60 seconds.”

Will my DISH Hopper only understand English?

No! Besides English, your DISH products will be able to understand a variety of other languages, including Spanish.

What are my options if I don’t have a Google Home?

The good news is that you can still use your smartphone with Google Assistant if you don’t have a Google Home. Also, DISH includes its voice remote with all Hopper orders to allow you to use voice control through your remote control to search for content and change channels.

The Google Assistant integration is coming, and when it goes, you’ll be able to tell your Google Home to switch over to ESPN or fast forward your show. Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy all the great entertainment you get from DISH.

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