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Two kinds of derby tracks sit flipped, like mirror images, along an imaginary line through the belly of the United States.

In the South, a derby track in the height of the season has lush green grass in the center and loose, ruddy dirt around the oval, ready to take a beating from horse hooves. In the off season, when the grass is deader, frosty, or dusted with occasional snow, the signs of cold just look wrong.

In the North, it's the exact opposite. A derby track with a healthy head of green grass, is off—off season. In glorious winter, the entire oval is covered end to end in gorgeous snow, ready to send snowmobile blades flying forward on the way to the finish line.

And Eagle River has the best track around: the World Championship Derby Track. It's literally a 2-minute drive from the airport, or if you're coming from town, it's up highway 45. Over the river, past Eddie B's White Spruce Inn, past Shopko, and to the right. You can't miss it, and you might kick yourself if you do.

Unless, of course, snowmobile racing isn't on your radar. Good thing Eagle River also has some of the best fishing in the state. Keep a sharp eye out while on the water, and you might be gifted with occasional spectacles like the infamous pirate ship sailing by, bald eagles soaring overhead, albino deer grazing on the banks, cubs and mama bears swimming nearby, or maybe even the dreaded hodag slinking through the trees.

It's true, the grass is greener in summer. But there's good news for the penguins at heart: winters last long in Eagle River. While you wait for icier pastures to arrive, watch athletes maneuver powder in even more northern venues when you watch the Outdoor Channel on DISH TV.


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