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Why Delavan Customers Love DISH

In the late 1800s, lions, tigers, and bears used to live where families now eat, sleep, and play at the Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan. The animals spent Delavan winters taking time off from a little jaunt called the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The circus had a solid 146-year run, but it's gone to its final resting place. Whether you're happy or sad to see the circus go, show business lives on with DISH TV.

WIth a DISH plan, you can see feats of athleticism, precision, and grace on competitive reality shows such as American Ninja Warrior, watch 21st century clowns on networks such as Comedy Central, or escape into doctor drama on shows such as General Hospital and Grey's Anatomy—and you can see it all anytime you want. No need to wait for the frigid Wisconsin winter to melt away.

Or if you really need a true circus fix, head downtown to Tower Park. Romeo the elephant and Ginny the giraffe are always there to remind you about the extremes of mammal sizes, and the lion drinking fountain is always there to give you the cartoonish thrill of sticking your head into a big cat's mouth.