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When you live in a beach town, you can't avoid tourists completely. And you don't want to—first, because they're part of what helps your town put food on the table, and second, because it's nice to have something so beautiful that everyone wants a piece of it.

But it still feels nice to have the place to yourself, doesn't it? That may feel especially true during ShrimpFest, when the number of people in town practically doubles.

This October, get your fill of crawdads, prawn, and shrimp, and then head home and cut the lights off for movie night—night after night, until the last visitor-filled Subaru has made its way onto Highway 17.

If ShrimpFest is your livelihood, you can still catch a break once you've cleaned up for the night. DISH will be there with thousands of On Demand titles, including recent blockbuster hits, binge-worthy new series, and old classics to watch. Whatever kind of space you want to have for yourself after the festival, DISH can help you set the mood.

When the festival is over and you're ready to come out of your shell, Crab Catcher's will still be there. Happy DISH-ing!