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If you're into hunting or fishing and live in South Carolina, you've likely found yourself in Kingstree at least a couple times—and if you're lucky enough to live in Kingstree, you know how incredible the hunting and fishing really are.

Surrounded by shady oak trees and abundant hunting lands, with the Black River running right through town, Kingstree is well known as "a sportsman's paradise." The town was also the site of at least two battles during the Revolutionary War, but today, the only battle you'll find is at the annual Kingstree Pig Pickin' Festival to decide who can cook up the best, most mouthwatering barbecue around.

If you're gearing up to compete in the festival, check out DISH On Demand for some inspiration. While you might not have a converted car hood as a grill, like in Gone in 60 Seconds, or haven't ever used a hot rock in the desert with Uncle Eddie (Vegas Vacation anyone?), you can still get in the spirit with your favorite food-based flicks. And if you need to pick up any cooking tips, you can't do better than from Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

No matter what your favorite Southern pastime might be, Kingstree's got something for everyone.