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Altoona is not like other railtowns. Altoona didn't just rely on the railway for goods and services to fuel a growing city, no, in Altoona the Pennsylvania Railroad was the goods and services it exported to other cities. The Pennsylvania Railroad didn't just run through town, it was the town—at least in 1849 when the railroad first set up shop there. For nearly 100 years Altoona was the manufacturing hub of this railroad giant.

Not only was Altoona the industrial hub for the Pennsylvania Railroad, but the Horseshoe Curve rail, built by PRR, also made Altoona the gateway to the west through the Allegheny mountains.This section of rail was so important to US industry that it was even the target of eight attacks during WWII.

Even though the US shifted its reliance on railroads to more fuel-efficient transportation since WWII, the railroad industry is not dead in Altoona. On average 60 freight trains pass through Atloona daily to destinations across the US. Since WWII, Altoona has diversified its economy allowing residents to thrive.

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