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Every year, D-Day is commemorated in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania.

With paintball guns.

Skirmish Paintball puts on the event, aptly named the Invasion of Normandy, up at Tippmann Castle. It's not quite a reenactment, and it's not even clearly patriotic—after all, half the crew pretends to be Axis villains for a day—but it certainly helps participants tap into the psyche of a human in combat.

If you're not a paintballer or veteran yourself, all it takes is a POV video to see how even a mock battle can make you feel both very alive—and very scared not to be. There's smoke everywhere, foot soldiers huddle behind every possible obstacle, "commanders" yell orders, air horns blast periodically, bulky vehicles four-wheel through the ranks, and the sound of bullets is constant.

After all that adrenaline, there are few things as satisfying as a hot meal, a good shower, and the ultimate leisure—a lounge in front of the TV.

For Poconos drama that's more chill than dodging paint blasts, get DISH TV and watch Big Brother on CBS or Two and a Half Men reruns on Paramount Network. Or if quiet hikes, fishing, and happy hours at the Hick were always more your style anyway, it goes without saying: Turn on the box and watch the Phillies, Eagles, or 76ers fight a different kind of battle on TV.

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