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The Internet loves Donna Jordan, queen of quilts. Donna and her husband, Matt, own Jordan Quilts in Grants Pass, Oregon, and they've been helping hobbyists quilt better since long before YouTube tutorials existed—but now they run a channel with over 77,000 subscribers.

Dying to see where Jordan Quilts was born? Drive up the 5 and you can visit in person.

Or even better, move to Grants Pass, Oregon, and you can shop there whenever you want. Maybe you'll even catch Donna and Matt in-store when they're home from touring. Maybe you'll get a few precut squares autographed for you and your friends. Maybe.

Want to get inspired by even more artistic minds? Get DISH TV to enjoy crafting shows from both public and commercial TV networks. Public networks are included in the price of America's Top packages from DISH, so you can watch Quilting Arts or It's Sew Easy on KFTS and still have a little room in the budget for extra channels or a sports pack.

And speaking of extra channels—there are literally hundreds more channels to enjoy in every America's Top package from DISH. The most affordable one offers 190 networks, and the premium package starts at 250. That's even more quilting and crafting for you, plus more culture, sports, and movies for the people in your family who prefer to cozy up with your finished quilts in front of the TV.

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