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How would you like to pack up your whole life and move across the country? How would you like to move across the country, but have to off-road the entire way? How would you like to move across the country, but have to off-road the entire way, in a non-motorized car with wooden wheels? Well—not strictly "in" it. You'd be walking next to the car in this scenario.

In Adrian and other towns across the state, the story of the Oregon Trail is so rote by grade five that it's hard to remember what it really means to migrate by wagon. But even for eastern Oregonians, who know dust and desert better than evergreens, there's nothing like the prospect of a long, hot walk across the country—or even just to the Edwards 14 or 21 in Nampa—to shake it up for ya. That's not to hate on modern-day convenience at all. Pioneers crossed the Snake and Owyhee in rickety rigs because of the prize at the end: a better and easier way of life. So no need to hike to the movies when you can drive. Luckily your desert Mirage will be real and there's a prime rib in it for you (pie, too,) if you schedule the jaunt on a Friday or Saturday.

And even better, no need to drive to the movies at all when you can watch blockbusters back to back in your own living room. When the Parma drive-in is showing something you don't want to see, when you'd rather not risk a 20-minute drive over black ice to Nampa, or when you just don't feel like going out anyway, cash in on your everyday TV subscription and watch new releases on DISH all night.