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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for Arcade

The town of Arcade, New York, has a delightful mishmash of past and present identities. The city's current name sparks mental images of kids charging through a game center, nickels clanking in their pockets, electronic laser sounds flying over their heads at twenty different pitches—but the town name was chosen in 1866, and that wasn't even its first interesting moniker. The Seneca Nation called itself O-non-dowa-gah, or "People of the Great Hill," and then when Europeans formally took the land in 1807, they named it Town of China—a unique choice, considering the better-known Chinatown a hundred miles east didn't even come of age until the 1880s. If all that wasn't a perplexing enough combination, Arcade is located in Wyoming—Wyoming County, that is—and in a state that's frequently confused for its iconic big city.

Arcadians today probably barely think about these origins. And yet, humor and historical threads still weave throughout the town's personality. For example, the antique and arts shop in town is called Junk and Disorderly. Other businesses in town with cutesy, lighthearted names include a sweets store called Kally's Kandies and a burger shop called the Little Red Caboose. On the historical side of things, the Arcade Center Farm built in 1835 is a town centerpiece, and Arcade even has two fascinating claims to historical fame set by the same person: supposedly, the last surviving veteran of the American Revolutionary War lived in Arcade—and he and his wife had the longest marriage on record at the time (over ninety years!).

If you're considering a move to Arcade, New York, and its quirks haven't convinced you yet, stop by for yourself. Head to Nellie's on a Friday for the legendary fish fry, or anytime for the mouthwatering German-style potatoes. You can even check out Main Street Winery, Main Street Grille, or Arcade VFW for nightlife that manages to feel homey. And if you come to Arcade to play—for good—get DISH TV to stay connected to this neat little community through public channels such as WGRZ and WIVB, not to mention flashier channels with hot new shows you and your new neighbors can bond over later.


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