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Apalachin Residents Love DISH Cable

Imagine a camera panning down over a long, ranch-style shelter with smoke pouring from the doorway. The sight could be a dramatic crime scene or kitchen mishap—but it's not. In fact, it's business as usual at Big Dipper Barbecue in Apalachin, New York.

Technically part of the town Owego, Apalachin is a small place, but it's got a Big Dipper attitude. In addition to literally smokin' barbecue, Apalachin has other popular restaurants including the "unfussy" Donoli's with its famous prime rib, the Lucky Kitchen with its prolific Chinese comfort-food menu, and the 24-hour Perkins Restaurant with food photography as refreshing as the pies themselves. The pizza at neighborhood sports bar Dugout isn't too shabby, either.

For nightlife and weekend recreation in Apalachin, there's live music at the Ransom Steele Tavern, sightseeing on the serene and historic Hiawatha Island, and swimming, rowing, fishing, and boating on the Susquehanna River. And for nights when you're so tired you couldn't dance one more step or cast one more line, there's TV with DISH. DISH TV has about the same channels and signal reliability as cable, but usually better prices—so you can relax even more, knowing you're getting the channels you love for less.


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