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About DISH Cable TV in Ruidoso

Typically when people hear New Mexico they think of two things: Hot weather and Breaking Bad. Well, maybe that isn't entirely true, but the state certainly has a reputation for having a dry, desert climate. So, it's most certainly a place where there is no snowfall—right? Well, Ruidoso residents would beg to differ. Located in the high Rocky Mountain Range, this city is most certainly a part of the beautiful desert jewel that is New Mexico, but is a precious stone unto itself.

In the summers, both locals and tourists enjoy world class mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. In the winters, the Apache Resort changes its leaves from summer zip line host to mountain ski destination. However, this small village has some really (really) BIG city amenities. Not only does Ruidoso house its own horse track, but within a short distance of the city are other world class facilities like the Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts and Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort & Casino, each of which is worth an annual visit—even if you live in town.

With so much to do crammed into this tiny mountain village, it can make your head spin. However, the locals know how to keep things under control and prefer to spend their free time at the local haunts in Midtown Ruidoso like Hidden Tap and Rio Grande Grill. Or as is the case, some of the best evenings are spent at home with friends and family. Let DISH TV help provide some entertainment the next time you have guests over. Take advantage of on-demand services that put you in control when you want to watch your favorite series and movies. Indulge yourself—but only if it isn't Labor Day Weekend and the Flying J Ranch Chuckwagon Supper and Western show isn't in town.


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