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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for Santa Fe

While there is no city quite like Santa Fe, New Mexico, you would not be the first to think of Santa Fe as akin to New Orleans. Both cities were multicultural hubs hundreds of years before they were incorporated into the greater United States. While New Orleans was settled by the French, Santa Fe was first home to the Pueblo people before being settled by the Spanish in the early 1600s. It later become the capital of that Spanish province, making it the oldest state capital in the US.

The similar histories between these two cities account for their continued distinct, diverse culture that make them cities like no other. While Santa Fe is considerably smaller than New Orleans, it is the mecca of artists, poets, and musicians west of the Mississippi. You can easily spend the day viewing all the galleries and artists on Canyon Road. Or spend the evening watching the world debut of a new American Opera by the world renowned Santa Fe Opera at the Crosby Theatre.

But even in the most cultured of places, we all crave a little low-brow entertainment. If you like to unwind with The Daily Show on comedy central or secretly snicker at Family Guy, you need DISH TV in your life. Stay connect with the best and worst of pop culture with DISH TV today.