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A forty minute drive from Staten Island on the west side of Arthur Kill, you will find Rahway, New Jersey, a town, that like much of the east coast, is much older than the US itself. Not only did military skirmishes occur in Rahway during the American Revolution, notably the "Battle of Spanktown" (no, it's not a joke), but it's also one of the first places to mint Federal currency. In fact, Rahway was the first to coin the now national motto E pluribus unum, or "Out of Many One."

Rahway was an industrial hub for most of the 20th century, home to manufacturers like Regina Music Box Company, Wheatena, Mershon Bros. and, most importantly, the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. Rahway's community shrunk after the post-WWII industry decline, but has seen renewed growth since the 90s, with the development of new businesses and housing in the downtown area.

But Rahway is still very much a sleepy town and if you are looking to spend the night in instead of making the trek to Staten Island for the evening, DISH TV will help you out. With DISH TV you finally know how HBO Game of Thrones ends or you can catch the latest episode of Family Guy.