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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for Andover

Fonzie may have been from Milwaukee, but New Jersey has its own FONSI, and it could impact life here as much as the Fonz impacted the 10-year run of Happy Days.

The acronym FONSI means (ironically) Finding of No Significant Impact. The EPA filed one in 2011 when they investigated New Jersey Transit's proposal to restore the Lackawanna Cut-Off railroad line—and found no major ecological problems. Alright!

Abandoned for such a long time, this train line restoration has a lot of buzz. People from Scranton to here and eastward are excited about the possibility of an easier commute to NYC. And with a major station planned in Andover, this town has even more to be excited about.

Easier access could mean a stronger economy, with more customers at Andover Diner, more wedding guests and parties at Crossed Keys and Liz Clinton's, more hobbyists at Morning Glory, Antique Village, Grey Barn, and Scranberry Coop, and more hikers and bikers on the Sussex Branch Trail.

It could also mean new neighbors, eventually. More neighbors for your kids to play and go to school with. More perspectives to give and take.

Until then, enjoy short lines and the peace and quiet of Andover as it is today. You can't take the train out of town just yet, but you can always use DISH TV to explore other times, places, and complex characters on shows like The Good Place, Younger, and Riverdale.