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This small town outside of Macon shares a name with one of the Caribbean's southernmost islands, Bonaire, and it honors that heritage with the tres leches, lechon asado, and Cubano sandwich at Cuban Island Café. Other homier restaurants in Bonaire include 2 Guys and a Pie, La Cabana, and Two Hounds Grill and Chill, while chain restaurants like Chick-fil-A, Dunkin' Donuts, and Hardee's give Bonaire folks jobs and comfortable places to eat up.

Other places Bonaire employees work and grow are at the Frito-Lay factory just down 247, and west to Central Georgia Technical College, where folks can pick up more training and hopefully get that big promotion coming up. Bonaire is also dotted with small to medium shops and businesses like Hope's Creations, Little Reasons Learning Center, and McDonald's Horse Supply and Western Store, as well as bigger operations like the Don Jarzynka Farm and Ocmulgee Dairy.

Bonaire folks aren't all work, though—they play, too, at the Waterford Golf Club, at kids enrichment companies like PunchFront Gymnastics and Peacock's Performing Arts Center, and at Perdue Lake or Lake Placid. Bonaire folks also bridge work and play with heavy-lifting personal projects like souping up their trucks and cars at SOB Built Motorsports. They may not have that sweet Discovery Channel funding like the Diesel Brothers do, but they work just as hard and they get results worthy of seeing on DISH TV. For a comfortable place with a bit of Caribbean flair, good people, and plenty of places to develop yourself, visit or stay in Bonaire.