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To those unfamiliar with Colchester it may seem strange, but to the locals, nature is the theme that holds the city together. It should come as no surprise then that Colchester was the first town in Connecticut—and 36th nationwide—to be certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. The city is within a short distance of countless state parks including: Day Pond, Salmon River State Forest, Meshomasic State Forest, and Moween State Park. There are also many other natural formations in the area that are beloved to locals like Lyman Viaduct, Lake Hayward, Gardner Lake, and much more.

It goes without saying that Colchester natives like to spend their time outdoors, whether that is hiking the forests, boating and fishing the lakes, or just casually taking in the natural scenery or the area. And perhaps it also goes without saying, but being out on the go so much also means that the locals also know how to spend their time recharging before their next adventure. Harry's Place, Plum Tomato, and Family Pizza, are just a few of the friendly eateries where Colchester residents opt to spend time in between adventures. While Inishmor and Fresca Tequila Bar are places for friends to gather at night and reminisce about adventures past.

DISH TV offers a number of services throughout Connecticut that can help you host an entertaining evening at home, with friends, family, and potential adventure partners. Whether you're interested in outdoor channel packs for generating new travel ideas or on demand movie selections for entertainment during your next get together, DISH TV has affordable options and the content that you want.