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From Pleasure Beach to Black Rock and Seaside Park up through The Hollow, all the way to Whiskey Hill, Bridgeport is a city that is beloved to residents and a wonder for tourists. There are certainly a lot of reasons for this, but perhaps a great deal of that admiration can be ascertained from the city's nickname: The Park City. Even before the United States was established as an independent country, Bridgeport set aside land as public commons, like Clinton Park Militia Grounds (in 1666!). Although, the first official public park was technically McLevy Green. With so many densely populated areas along the east coast, Bridgeport's tradition of setting aside these public spaces makes the city an attractive destination in an otherwise dense sea of people.

Although Bridgeport has fairly moderate temperatures compared to the rest of the US, with a good amount of sun spread throughout the year, it does get a little bit more rainfall. In the hotter months approaching July, this can be a welcomed treat, but in the colder parts of the year it can sometimes put a real damper on the mood. On days like this, you can always opt to stay in and relax with DISH TV on demand programing, bringing you a huge selection of the movies that you want to watch, when you want to watch them. Or pack up and head to Source Coffeehouse on Fairfield—or Funchal Café on the Green—and use DISH Anywhere to stream your favorite on demand programming to any of your own mobile devices. Bridgeport is your city, a thoughtful city to be proud of, and DISH TV wants you to enjoy your city, your way.