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In Ohatchee, AL, as anywhere in the state, there is a division pronounced enough to turn brother against brother, husband against wife, children against parents. It's a war that's anything but Civil. In a state where football is religion, two sects dominate. And whether your household is repping War Eagle or chanting Roll Tide, during the fall you'll want to make sure you have Dish Network so you can see all the SEC football action leading up to the most important time of the year—Thanksgiving weekend, when you shake off a deep-fried turkey hangover to take in the Iron Bowl, the yearly meeting between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers.

Ohatchee may be small but football is in the blood, as more than one prominent Propst proves. So when the streets are empty while the game's on, you don't want to be left peering in a window to catch the score. After all, whether you loved or loathed the result, the only thing worse than being on the wrong side of an iconic moment like the Kick Six or Bo Over the Top is missing it altogether.

Outsiders may not understand. "If Auburn's the Tigers, why do you say War Eagle? Shouldn't you be the Auburn Eagles? Or say 'War Tiger'? What is a Crimson Tide anyway?" But, like Bo, Ohatchee knows.


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