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Why Dadeville Customers Love DISH

TNN—a news outlet in Dadeville, Alabama—covers local weather, food, sports, public service announcements, and occasional interviews.

The TNN team once did a 15-minute segment interviewing career journalist Larry Lee about his grassroots work to support public schools. The reporters have also emphasized the importance of walking in a single-file line and cleaning up after yourself in the lunchroom.

If those topics seem odd for a news outlet, that's because TNN is Tiger News Network, the daily news show produced by the 6th graders of Dadeville Elementary School.

TNN is seriously good. The graphics and set are sleek, every story appears on a teleprompter, and the main anchors even have the newsroom banter down pat.

It could be that Dadeville will eventually claim star journalists, not just star linebackers. Roll TNN!

You know what would give those little storytellers a leg up? Watching more of the news. With DISH TV, your budding writer has a fun excuse to watch TV while they're doing homework.


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