What’s Your State Googling For Summer

What do Americans like to do all summer when they’re not cooling off indoors with their favorite TV shows? The team at USDish.com was curious, so we checked out what everyone searches for as summer rolls in. We generated a list of common summer terms, plugged that into Google trends* to identify search interest by state, and uncovered what warm-weather activity each state is looking forward to the most.

Read on for some of our most interesting finds and trends:


With dozens of concert tours rolling through the states this summer–Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z & Beyonce, and Taylor Swift to name a few–it’s no wonder that 6 states (California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, and Utah) and Washington DC were most interested in “concerts,” especially considering that each has a concert venue or two.


With their National Parks and wide open spaces, the West and Pacific Northwest states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oregon are filled with residents who are excited to experience nature. Camping topped search inquiries in these 4 states.

Beach Bodies:

Oddly enough, only one state is most interested in getting a bikini (or Speedo?) body this summer. Best of luck, Delaware.

Summer Camps:

New York, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey (and their long-distance friend, Florida) are ready to pack the kids off to camp this summer. That makes sense, since the East Coast boasts some of the top summer camps in the US.


The Midwest is looking to have a grill-tastic summer. Iowa and Minnesota rank as two states for top meat production in the US. Head there or to North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin to see what they’re throwing on the grill. And maybe invite the Pennsylvanians, with their top search interest being beer.

Results By State:

Alabama – BBQ

Alaska – Road Trip

Arizona – Backyard

Arkansas – Back to School

California – Concert

Colorado – Camping

Connecticut – Summer Camp

Delaware – Beach Body

District of Columbia – Concert

Florida – Summer Camp

Georgia – Back to School

Hawaii – Summer School/Sunburn

Idaho – Easy Dinner Ideas

Illinois – Concert

Indiana – Concert

Iowa – Grilling

Kansas – Vacation

Kentucky – Vacation

Louisiana – Baseball

Maine – Summer Camp

Maryland – Summer Camp

Massachusetts – Summer Camp

Michigan – Concert

Minnesota – Grilling

Mississippi – Back to School/Job

Missouri – Vacation

Montana – Camping

Nebraska – Baseball

Nevada – Concert

New Hampshire – Backyard

New Jersey – Summer Camp

New Mexico – Summer Movies

New York – Summer Camp/Concert

North Carolina – Summer Movies

North Dakota – Grilling

Ohio – Vacation

Oklahoma – Road Trip

Oregon – Camping

Pennsylvania – Beer

Rhode Island – Job

South Carolina – Summer Movies/Vacation

South Dakota – Grilling

Tennessee – Summer Movies

Texas – Backyard

Utah – Concert

Vermont – Road Trip

Virginia – Holidays

Washington (state) – Road Trip

West Virginia – Tanning/Vacation

Wisconsin – Grilling

Wyoming – Camping

*Data was collected by researching a comprehensive list of general summer search, queries which were then plugged into Google trends to identify search interest by state. The time frame was set to 5/1/17-9/1/17 – encompassing the unofficial start and end of summer.

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