How to Set Up Your Smart Home with DISH and Alexa

The Amazon Echo was released in late 2014, and it didn’t take long for people to fall for its voice-activated charm. In its early life, Alexa—the Echo’s cloud-based voice service—followed voice commands to help owners play their favorite Amazon music or share the local weather forecast. Now, with fast-growing smart home technology capabilities, easily control your TV using your voice with DISH and Alexa.

To start enjoying this hands-free service, simply link your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap to your Hopper® 3, Wally™, or Joey®. Follow our guide below and start enjoying voice-activated entertainment today.

How to Pair Amazon Echo with DISH

In just a few simple steps, you can pair your DISH and Echo devices:

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa App on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the Alexa App and select Music, Video, & Books from the menu.
  3. Select DISH TV in the TV section of the list, and select Enable.
  4. Go to your DISH receiver (your receiver must be connected to the internet), and select Menu, then Settings, and choose Amazon Alexa.
  5. Select Get Code, and enter the generated code in the Alexa App on your mobile device, and select Activate, then Done.
  6. Click Done in the Alexa App once you get a confirmation that Alexa linked successfully, and your app will search for discoverable devices.
  7. Choose your DISH receiver from the list, and click Continue.
  8. Select the Amazon Alexa unit you wish to link to the receiver, and click Link Devices.

If you’re having issues pairing your Hopper with Alexa, try updating your Hopper’s software to the latest version. Navigate to channel 9607 on your DISH network to update your receiver.

Alexa DISH Commands

 Now that you’ve paired your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap to your DISH receiver, you can start using voice commands to get help from Alexa as you watch your favorite shows.

Search for Shows

You no longer have to scroll through pages of movies or TV shows to find your favorite series or actor. Just use any of the following phrases:

  • Alexa, show me Denzel Washington movies.
  • Alexa, find Modern Family on DISH.
  • Alexa, play Fixer Upper.

Change the Channel

There’s no need to pick up the remote to find something on TV. If you know the specific network or channel you’re looking for, ask Alexa to change the channel by using one of the following commands:

  • Alexa, tune to HGTV.
  • Alexa, go to channel 300.

Control Playback

No more missing the big play while you’re heating up your nachos. You can easily rewind or pause DISH by making one of the following requests:

  • Alexa, pause DISH.
  • Alexa, rewind thirty seconds.

With tens of millions of Alexa devices sold over the 2017 holidays, Alexa and her smart home capabilities are more popular than ever. Now that you can pair your DISH and Alexa devices, your TV-watching experience will be more personalized and enjoyable. Find out more about DISH’s integration with Alexa.

Alexa Integration: Requires Internet-connected Hopper®, Joey® or Wally™ and Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show or Amazon Tap device.

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