Famous Instagram Dogs You Should Follow

It’s dog season! Well, it’s always dog season, but specifically, it’s time to take a look at the most famous Instagram dogs you should follow for more “aww” and possibly making you puppy-hungry.


Chowder is a chow chow that, you guessed it, looks like a cuddly, adorable bear. He’s four years old from the Philippines, has 352K followers on Instagram, documents his adventures, and has his own pet air freshener.


Louie is a golden retriever from California. His tagline is “California soul with a heart of gold.” He definitely looks and plays the part. He lives in LA and has 87K followers.


Doug is a pug and is the self-titled “King of Pop Culture.” He has his own merchandising line, as well as just short of three million followers—no matter how many followers you have, you can sit back, relax, and swoon over pictures of this precious pug.


Marnie is the oldest member of this list, at 16 years old; she was adopted from a shelter at age 11 and always has her tongue out. She has made friends with countless celebrities and has the pictures to prove it! She has 2.1 million followers and loves to be around people.


Jiffpom is the current world record holder for Instagram followers by an animal, with over eight million and counting. The precious Pomeranian has her own merchandising line where you can get everything from sweatshirts to hats with her logo on it.


Loki is a husky, malamute, wolf mix who is a six-year-old with stunning eyes and a demeanor that can turn the biggest scrooge’s smile upside down. He has 1.7 million followers and loves to be outdoors—as part wolf, it’s no wonder.


While this Instagram account might not belong to a single dog, pnwonderdogs showcases a lot of different canines that find themselves in the pacific northwest. They currently have 73.2K followers and generally post once or twice a day showing different dogs on hikes or in other places in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


The last account is another collaborative account that has several different, beautiful dogs, often with really clever captions that will make you smile. They have 556K followers and just as many happy faces that see their account.

Make Your Pup Famous on Instagram

How can you make your dog Insta-famous? While many tactics can help you achieve this level of stardom, there are a few consistencies across all famed accounts that can make you more successful.

First, use the power of hashtags such as #dogsofinstagram, #dogstagram, and #dogsofinsta in your posts.

Then, find what makes your dog unique and highlight their uniqueness. Don’t over tag either—nothing can be more infuriating for users than just wanting to look at a picture and being bombarded by hashtag after hashtag after hashtag. That being said, tagging certain accounts can give you more exposure and snowball your total followers. (Snowballing is when you get one influential follower following your account, and then more people that like that influential follower also follow your account.)

Most people visit Instagram to see more than one account, so consistent posting is very important. Like any company or brand, steady content will give you the most positive feedback and help you in your efforts to join the list of famous Instagram dogs.

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