Each State’s Most Searched Netflix Reality Shows

There was a time when reality shows were considered guilty pleasures or secret obsessions. But as we’ve seen the likes of The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette), Real Housewives of [enter city here], and other cable TV reality shows gain global popularity, it’s no wonder that streaming services like Netflix have delved into reality TV themselves. From Too Hot To Handle to Glow Up: The Next Make-Up Star, Netflix is dishing out reality shows for their over 200 million paid subscribers.

With season 2 of Love Is Blind just around the corner, USDISH wanted to know where each state claimed their reality show loyalty. Did your state swipe right on the love-based reality series over the cooking ones? Was your state in the market for seemingly unattainable real estate or just looking to watch adults play a child’s game in all of its glory? Find the most favored Netflix show in your state—and then watch it by using our internet and TV bundles.

Interesting Findings

  • Something about a bunch of singles on an island captured the hearts of 10 states who searched Netflix’s reality competition Too Hot To Handle the most. The only show to be most searched in double-digit states, Americans can’t get enough of it, with Season 3 making its way to the streaming platform in early 2022.
  • “Love is blind, and it will take over your mind…” Not our words but the words of Mary J. Blige. Also, the words of one of the most talked-about shows on Netflix, Love is Blind. Surprisingly, it was most searched in only three states but likely gossiped among friends and coworkers in every state.
  • Americans love cooking competitions. They love baking botches even more, with five states searching Nailed It! the most. The premise is simple: have three non-bakers try to bake perfect pastries within the time allotted. What can go wrong?
  • Behind Too Hot To Handle lived two shows that had eight states search them the most. Sexy Beasts turned blind dating on its head by having the dating individuals completely covered in film-quality monster makeup. Featuring everything from devils to dolphins (yes, dolphins), Sexy Beasts was popular in eight states, including Ohio and Oregon. Floor is Lava is both a kids game and a fun reality game show in which teams of three try to get from one side of the room to the other without falling into the pool of lava. Both Virginias, as well as six other states, searched for this family-friendly show the most.

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To identify each state’s most searched Netflix reality show, we grabbed a list of all Netflix-produced reality shows and analyzed the volume search of each on SEMRush. We then separated the 10 titles with the most search volume and used Google Trends to determine which titles each state has been googling the most.

StateNetflix Show
AlabamaFastest Car
AlaskaLove On the Spectrum
ArizonaSexy Beasts
ArkansasToo Hot To Handle
CaliforniaSelling Sunset
ColoradoDancing Queen
ConnecticutToo Hot To Handle
DelawareLove On the Spectrum
District of ColumbiaLove Is Blind
FloridaToo Hot To Handle
GeorgiaToo Hot To Handle
HawaiiLove Is Blind
IdahoLove On the Spectrum
IllinoisFloor Is Lava
IndianaNailed It!
IowaFloor Is Lava
KansasSelling Sunset
KentuckyDancing Queen
LouisianaFastest Car
MaineNailed It!
MarylandFastest Car
MassachusettsToo Hot To Handle
MichiganToo Hot To Handle
MinnesotaSexy Beasts
MississippiToo Hot To Handle
MissouriDancing Queen
MontanaGlow Up: The Next Make-Up Star
NebraskaFloor Is Lava
NevadaGlow Up: The Next Make-Up Star
New HampshireFloor Is Lava
New JerseySexy Beasts
New MexicoNailed It!
New YorkToo Hot To Handle
North CarolinaFloor Is Lava
North DakotaNailed It!
OhioSexy Beasts
OklahomaLove Is Blind
OregonSexy Beasts
PennsylvaniaSexy Beasts
Rhode IslandGlow Up: The Next Make-Up Star
South CarolinaFloor Is Lava
South DakotaNailed It!
TennesseeSexy Beasts
TexasSelling Sunset
UtahLove On the Spectrum
VermontToo Hot To Handle
VirginiaFloor Is Lava
WashingtonSexy Beasts
West VirginiaFloor Is Lava
WisconsinToo Hot To Handle
WyomingLove On the Spectrum

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