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2021 Stephen King Scream Job Winner

The challenge was simple: watch 13 Stephen King movies by Halloween. After thousands of applicants staked their claim as to why we should choose them for this dream job, one applicant channeled her Stephen King fandom to stab steal our hearts—you’ll understand why.

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The Ultimate Guide to Watching the Best Satellite TV Shows for Toddlers

Choosing TV shows for your toddler can be a daunting task. On the one hand, you want the TV shows you pick to keep them entertained (so you can snag a few minutes to yourself), but you likely want the TV shows they watch to also be educational, informative, and wholesome. You also don’t want […]

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The Most Popular Satellite TV Shows for Teens

Most teenagers feel they’re nearly full-blown adults. While teenagers may lack experience and maturity, one thing’s for sure: teenagers understand—and appreciate— witty quips, sarcastic one-liners, and nuanced plot lines. But that doesn’t mean they should watch all the same things adults watch. To please both parents and even the most stubborn teens, we rounded up […]

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The Most Popular Satellite TV Shows for Tweens

It’s no secret that tweens are picky. Tweens, otherwise known as pre-teenagers, are kids around 9–12 years old who are just getting familiar with the woes of puberty. For most tweens, their number one goal is to obtain independence and distance themselves from their parents (or anyone else lame for that matter).  As a parent, […]

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The Most Popular Satellite TV Shows for Kids, Tweens, and Teenagers

These days, phones and laptops provide endless opportunities for kids to get their hands on all kinds of entertainment—including inappropriate content. Between kidstv, Netflix, Hulu, and more, there are plenty of ways to stream TV series nowadays, but not every streaming platform is tailored to weed out mature content.  Any good parent wants to keep […]

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Wish You Were a Productive Early Bird? Try These Life Hacks

Getting up and running in the morning can be difficult—especially if you aren’t a morning person. Whether you’re a night owl or you just can’t seem to be productive before noon, we’ve gathered some of our favorite tips for having an easier and more efficient morning. Before You Go to Work One of the best […]

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