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Category Archives: Entertainment

The 20 Most Award-Nominated Films in Hollywood History

View our 2023 report on the most award-nominated films in Hollywood history. Since our 2021 report, three newer films have pushed older titles down the list.

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Take Your Throne, Fantasy TV Dream Job Winner

Self-Proclaimed Nerd Wears the Crown Remember asking your mom for a poster of your favorite athlete Michael Jordan or Derek Jeter? Or maybe your dad introduced you to AC/DC, and you wanted to show off your fandom by owning all of their CDs? Not Chad Holt, our Fantasy TV Dream Job winner. He preferred Lord […]

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The Top Halloween Episodes in America

This October, check out the top Halloween-themed TV show episodes across the United States! What show are residents in your state searching for?

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Each State’s Top Kids Halloween Movie

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to binge-watch scary movies with your family. Check out the top spooky kids movies in your state!

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Pennywise Would Be Proud—The Most Googled Stephen King Movies

USDish used Google Trends to find out which Stephen King film adaptations were searched the most in each state.

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The Ultimate Guide to Watching Stephen King Movies on DISH

Whether you’re a fan of the gruesome and gory or the drama and heartbreak, Stephen King delivers—and so will DISH for all your entertainment needs.

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