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Belzoni is the geographical and cultural heart of the Mississippi Delta. Zoom out on a map, and you'll see miles upon square miles of farmland stretching outward across Humphreys County. Zoom through the Belzoni-Humphreys website, and you'll see the town is the epicenter of rich music and art history, quintessentially Southern recreation, and the air of "irrepressible optimism" that thrives in the community. Or instead, zoom in and see it all firsthand.

During your visit, don't miss the profound historical markers around town. The humble frame of the Jaketown Museum has some of the oldest Native American artifacts in the country—dating back to 1750 BC—and the Jaketown Mounds honor the indigenous people who probably used some of those artifacts. The Mississippi Blues Trail, which follows the birth of the blues in this region, includes three Belzoni sites, including Turner's Drug Store (one of the earliest sponsors of blues radio broadcasts). Belzoni is also home to one of the few remaining German POW huts from WWII and the hallowed gravesite of Reverend George Lee, one of the first activists to lose their life in the 1960s fight for civil rights.

As for the quintessentially Southern recreation, Belzoni is in love with catfish: it has held an annual World Catfish Festival since 1975; houses a museum and visitors center dedicated to catfish biology and cuisine; and has 42 massive fiberglass sculptures of catfish characters, including Pablo Picatfish and Florence Nightentail. Another well-loved hobby in the Belzoni area is gardening—you might catch Trotter's Tropicals or Wister Gardens on the Southern Gardening Television with DISH. But whether or not you have a green thumb, culture and commerce in Belzoni are alive and kicking, and you have a place here. Come see.