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About DISH Cable TV in Aitkin

When the Mississippi met the North Pacific Railroad in Minnesota in 1870, Aitkin was born. Once a rough-and-tumble town that swelled with lumberjacks and riverboat crews seeking a good time on payday, Aitkin is now a grand dame of a town with a historical society to boot.

Even though Aitkin's rowdy riverboating days have since past, that history is still very much part of the identity of this small town. Like most towns near the Mississippi, Aitkin riverboats were central to both the town's economic security and prosperity. In celebration of the past that made the present possible, Aitkin annually hosts the Riverboat Heritage Days each summer featuring activities for the whole family.

Regardless of Aitkin's riverboating past, you will be forgiven for mistaking the Mississippi river for your everyday tributary. Aitkin is a hundred miles from the head of the Mississippi in Lake Itasca, which means that continent carving river is a mere fraction of the total size that reaches Louisiana. But regardless of its size, the Mississippi river and other nearby lakes still make for great fishing holes.

If the fish aren't biting today, do the next best thing: drink a cold one while watching the Deadliest Catch with DISH TV. If you're seeking more humor and adventure about fishing, catch up with the Robertson family on Duck Dynasty. Until the fish start biting again, DISH TV has your back.


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