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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for Swartz Creek

Ask a Michigander where they live, and instead of saying something like "central" or "northwest," you'll get a location on "the mitten." Swartz Creek is near the crook of the thumb, by the way, and residents of the state illustrate its location by holding up one hand to point at the correct spot.

This quaint suburb has a population of around 5,500, a total area of four square miles, and a small-town sensibility to boot. Family entertainment includes livestock auctions, agricultural events, and monster truck rallies at the fairgrounds. Live music is a big draw in the summer— the Swartz Creek Fine Arts Association brings local talent to the Fred Pajtas theater for concerts under the stars.

Attendees are likely to tote in a picnic, too. Bring along a delight from Sam's—you could get the usual Italian dish you love (veal parmesan, anyone?)—or a few orders of samoritos. The special creation of fried seasoned dough with a side of homemade meat sauce is nothing short of scrumptious. And sinnoritos, a sweet version of this fried dough, is topped with cinnamon, sugar, and caramel and served with a side of icing that'll tickle your taste buds.

No meal is complete without some pop: anything from a Coke to one of the local favorites like Faygo or Vernors Ginger Ale. And when the notorious Midwestern winters come gusting in Swartz Creek, bunker down with blankets, hot chocolate, and your favorite shows on DISH.