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In academic circles, West Lafayette has achieved a reputation that sits on par with a lot of other famed locations like Hanover or Ithaca because of the major contributions Purdue has made to the academic communities of the world. One of the major differences between Purdue and other highly competitive schools is that, unlike all the Ivy League schools, Purdue is a public university. While some might see this as a hindrance, to West Lafayette this is a strength that allows their school to extend its high-quality resources to a wider range of students that are eager to learn.

Student life can get intense, especially around finals. Sometimes, it's easy to forget to just take a break and breathe a little. However, studies seem to indicate that while studying hard is important, so is remembering to take regular breaks. DISH TV can help you improve the quality of your break time in between study sessions with convenient features like on-demand viewing. Plus, you can also get additional services with the DISH Anywhere app that allows you to stream your favorite movies and series directly to your mobile devices. So the next time you need to take a break at Greyhouse Coffee, pause for a moment to catch up on Game of Thrones before the final winter is upon us.

West Lafayette isn't all about school and books though. This city has a bustling nightlife with bars like Nine Irish Brothers, Harry's Chocolate Shop, and the Pint, which regularly feature a fresh selection of craft beers and other high-quality beverages to wet your whistle. The city has also designated many beautiful parks and reserves, which facilitate a number of activities, from lounging to walking and biking to hiking. Happy Hollow Park is an 81-acre park that is perfect for the family, featuring playgrounds, picnic areas, grills, and volleyball courts. Celery Bog Nature Area is a large 100-acre expanse of wetlands and forest areas teeming with wildlife, happily living out their days in their natural habitats. Because who wouldn't be happy to call West Lafayette home?


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