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Why Alexis Customers Love DISH

Unless cars are your thing, it's almost a point of pride to have a decades-old vehicle model. "You mean that thing's still running?" But when you're a fire department, the age and health of your vehicle matters more. A lot more.

The town of Monmouth, just 15 miles south from the small town of Alexis, Illinois, is struggling to upgrade its 14- and 18-year-old fire engines and 20-year-old ladder. The fire department is less concerned about image and more concerned about what would happen if the truck broke down on the way to a fire.

What's totally ironic about Monmouth's predicament is that Alexis, whose population is approximately 9 times smaller than Monmouth's, is home to one of the premier firefighting technology companies in the world. Alexis Fire Equipment designs and builds equipment for fire departments from Illinois to Delaware to Chile and beyond, and it's the largest employer in town—if you don't work there, your child or or sibling or cousin or parent does.

Proximity doesn't always mean access. Case in point, internet and TV technology continue to get more sophisticated, but because of red tape and market dynamics, small towns often get overlooked or intentionally left out of the process.

Enter DISH Network. You want TV with as much choice as cable? DISH TV plans are just as robust, and if your address is in the US, you're eligible for one. As for technology, you're not sacrificing anything. Satellite has evolved, too, and today DISH has 99.9% signal reliability, which is a hard number to beat.

If only you could help your neighbors in Monmouth get a shiny new fire engine. But until then, you can at least both bond over your shared love for one of the prides of Illinois, Svengoolie, on MeTV. Get some screaming yellow zonkers popping in the microwave and enjoy another night of kooky horror jokes on DISH TV.