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About DISH Cable TV in Star

Sure, you can take State Street to Broncos Stadium—if you want to spend 6 hours in the car and cross Eagle Road twice.

That's a maybe once per season kind of thing. After all, that's why you moved to Star. For the 10+ remaining Saturdays, why not get more mileage out of your new home and watch the game on DISH TV? The Multi-Sport Pack has 20 regional sports networks with lots of NCAA coverage.

If you're afraid the kids' fighting in the background is going to ruin the experience, DISH has plenty for them, too. You can either set them up with an On Demand movie in the playroom or have the oldest or the neighbor kid tend while you and the spouse head to Sully's for the game instead.

Before you go, you can even set and lock content filters on the kids' receiver. That way, they can find Nickelodeon without accidentally flipping through graphic documentaries on the American Heroes Channel or saucy celebrity news on E!—and you can focus on the blue and orange.

If you're lucky, the kids might even be so good, you can stay at the pub for a nightcap.

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