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Ocean View may seem like a tiny little town, but it's growing fast. According to the 2010 census, the city has experienced an increase of growth approaching 87.1% over the previous decade. And while it has a reputation as a commuter town for the neighboring resort cities, locals know that this little city has a lot more to offer than a comfortable place to sleep. Despite the fact that Ocean View isn't as popular as nearby destination cities like Bethany Beach, there have been a lot of developments that make the city a nicely kept secret.

There aren't a lot of small towns in America where you can get top-grade seafood at a place like NorthEast Seafood Kitchen, or choose to dine at a low-key, locally sourced, gourmet restaurant like Café 26 instead. Throw in the close proximity to the beach and the thriving nightlife supported by places like the Salted Rim and the Hooked Up Ale House & Raw Bar, and it's plain to see that there are a lot of big-city ideas unfolding in this charming, small city.

DISH TV knows that while it's nice to live with the big-city amenities, small-town life is desirable because it's just that: small. Quiet neighborhoods, polite neighbors, and a little bit of distance from the hustle of dense populations are all priceless artifacts in today's society. That's why DISH TV offers so many options for home viewing, like great deals on channel packs, on-demand TV and movie viewing, as well as streaming options via easy-to-use apps. So get a bottle of wine, make some dinner at home, and invite your friends over to critique your favorite movies in real time. Enjoy your evening bonding with your friends and family, then head out to the beach tomorrow, because you always have time in Ocean View.