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Colorado has been in a boom for a long time and it is home to a lot of famous cities. Names like Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Aspen are only a small handful of the locations that come to mind. However, there are also a lot of up-and-comers, popular in their own right, but sitting on the verge of their own countrywide—or worldwide—recognition. Broomfield is one such city, which not only has sustained growth, but already has an established base of economy, proud citizens, and natural beauty.

Broomfield isn't just a city of industry, it is a city that many successful companies, from a variety of industries call home. Noodles & Company and Mrs. Fields cookies are two well-known food/service brands that call the city home, while L3 Communications is an established tech business that resides in the area. Oracle is another world renowned tech company that has a large presence in Broomfield, though it isn't headquartered there.

Like many of Colorado's residents, Broomfield locals like to spend their time outdoors. Broomfield is not far from unique Colorado spectacles like the Flatirons Vista, Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, and Standley Lake Regional Park. Each of these popular attractions showcases the unique beauty that is the Colorado frontier. Though, getting out in Broomfield isn't just about the outdoors because—again, like most popular Colorado cities—Broomfield is home to several breweries like Wonderland Brewing, 4 Noses, and Rails End Beer Company.

Whether you're going out into the Flats for a hike or into the city for a night on the town, you're going to have to take some time to recharge. Fortunately, DISH TV offers several outdoor TV adventure packs that can help you plan your next big hike, so you're not completely useless while resting up. However, if you just can't manage to sit still, you can also take DISH TV anywhere you travel that has an internet connection. DISH TV is the TV provider that is versatile enough to keep up with the Broomfield lifestyle.


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