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Hot Springs. This thriving metropolis—about an hour southwest of Little Rock—is surrounded by greenery unlike any other. The flourishing forestry is fed daily by millions of gallons of water that gurgle from the town's most popular attraction: hot springs.

Just a ten-minute drive gets you to Hot Springs National Park, where you can tour bathhouses (Bathhouse Row features eight historic choices!) and soak your bones in hot spring water in the Buckstaff Bathhouse. You can even drink (or "quaff the elixir" as people used to say) the water if you're feeling parched on your hike through the park!

Prefer more intense or scenic hikes? The Ouachita Mountains (pronounced "wash-it-ah" if you're new to Arkansas), with their dozens of recreation areas and trails, are perfect if you're fixin' for a weekend adventure. If you'd rather spend your day near the water, fish in Lake Hamilton or paddle along the upper Ouachita River in your canoe or kayak—you can even hop on a jet ski or paddle board if you like!

And on rainy days—or days when you're recovering from all the activity Hot Springs offers—DISH is there with National Geographic and the Discovery Channel to bring the great outdoors indoors.