DISH vs. Spectrum

What's better, DISH or Spectrum?

When you compare Spectrum vs. DISH by price, channels, technology, and overall service, DISH has considerable advantages.

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DISH Network vs. Spectrum TV Pricing

Remember to read the fine print. Spectrum advertises a lower starting price than DISH Network for the first year. That said, the company charges several fees that DISH waives (e.g., local channels, installation, and select equipment), making Spectrum's actual rates higher than the sticker price. DISH Network also has a 2-year TV Price Guarantee, letting you bypass inflation and get entertainment straight to your home for the same great price. Spectrum may start at a lower price point, but the long-term value belongs to DISH.

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Streaming Sports on Your Favorite Apps

There are a few differences between the Spectrum TV App and the DISH Anywhere App. The DISH Anywhere app is easier to use, while the Spectrum TV app includes an in-app remote control. But thanks to your Hopper Plus, DISH gives you access to your favorite sports channels and multiple streaming apps letting you catch every football game all season long. Never miss a touchdown, tackle, or two-point conversion when you get DISH and watch it from virtually anywhere.

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*streaming service membership required. Internet connection required

DISH Network

Charter Spectrum

Package name

DISH America’s Top 120

Spectrum TV Select

Channel count



Year 1 price



Year 2 price



Price protection

2 year TV price guarantee

12-month intro price

Contract length

2 years


HD service fee



Local channels



Premium channels

FREE 3 mos.


On Demand library

80K titles

85K titles

DVR receiver

Included or $50/mo. upgrade


Secondary receivers

Start at $5/mo.





See terms and conditions

DISH vs. Spectrum Technology Comparison

DISH offers innovative home entertainment technology with the Hopper products, including the Hopper 3 Whole-Home DVR—the most powerful DVR available. Both the Hopper 3 and Hopper 2 from DISH sync with your TVs, phones, and select smart home devices for easy viewing. Navigate thousands of channels, record multiple shows, and stream seamlessly with the Hopper. DISH's user-friendly equipment is perfect for those who enjoy cutting-edge technology and want to relax while watching TV.

DISH Hopper 3 Whole-Home DVR

Spectrum Guide DVR

First receiver price



Simultaneous recordings



HD storage hours



Supported TVs per DVR



Secondary receiver price



Integrated apps

Access to 10K apps in the Google Play Store with the Hopper Plus

Netflix, Spectrum TV app, Max, Hulu, Prime Video

Wireless receiver options


4K Ultra HD

View multiple channels at once


AutoHop commercial skips


Room-to-room playback


Voice Remote


Remote finder


Smart home integration




Mobile streaming

100% of live, DVR, and On Demand content

Select live and On Demand content

App users supported


3 unless at home

See terms and conditions

DISH vs. Spectrum Service Comparison

DISH has a reputation for excellent service and customer satisfaction. Not only is DISH's customer service award-winning, but its network service is also high-quality and reliable. Spectrum can be spotty in certain areas, but DISH is available nearly everywhere, making it accessible nationwide. DISH also offers upfront installation scheduling, so there's no more waiting for a promised professional between 8 in the morning and ten at night.

DISH Network

Charter Spectrum

Signal Reliability Guarantee


FREE standard professional installation as soon as tomorrow


75-minute service window and track-your-technician


TV and internet availability outside densely populated areas


Satellite internet speeds up to 100 Mbps


See terms and conditions

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DISH vs. Spectrum Internet Service and Providers

Spectrum groups TV and internet services into one network and often offers discounts for bundling. However, Spectrum availability is limited to areas where it's cost-efficient for them to build and maintain an underground cable network.

DISH offers internet through two partners: Frontier and Viasat. Frontier provides DSL and fiber options for urban and suburban areas, while Viasat serves families who live past where cable providers say it's necessary to go. Contrary to popular ideas about slow satellite internet, Viasat speeds run up to 100 Mbps in select areas.

Bundling internet with your DISH plan gives you savings from two sources—and you won't have to give up an internet or cell phone plan to get the best deals on DISH TV.

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Mobile Viewing with the DISH Anywhere App

We all know what streaming apps offer—entertainment at your fingertips. The DISH Anywhere App provides entertainment and convenience in one. You can watch live TV, set up recordings, and access on-demand movies all from your smartphone or tablet. The DISH Anywhere App lives up to its name, letting you keep up with your favorite shows and sports teams while on the go. The app also allows you to access your recording and on-demand library anytime, anywhere.

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