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2021 Childhood Nostalgia Adventure Winner

Thanks to everyone who applied for the Childhood Nostalgia Dream Adventure. Picking a winner was as hard as picking just one toy from the store. But in the end, we chose Dr. Jordan Beaver, who grew up watching movies in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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2021 Stephen King Scream Job Winner

The challenge was simple: watch 13 Stephen King movies by Halloween. After thousands of applicants staked their claim as to why we should choose them for this dream job, one applicant channeled her Stephen King fandom to stab steal our hearts—you’ll understand why.

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DISH Network Military Discount and First Responder Discounts

For many people, it takes conscious effort to put down the phone or leave work at 5 to spend a meaningful evening with family. But if you’ve ever spent months deployed overseas or long nights rescuing accident victims, prioritizing family time might come a little easier. To thank emergency responders and military personnel for their […]

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Google Assistant Coming Soon to the DISH Voice Remote

As virtual voice assistants become more prevalent, DISH stands at the forefront of this technological movement. In 2018, DISH announced the integration of Google Assistant with DISH equipment. Then, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019, DISH announced that the fusion between DISH TV and the Google Assistant is now even better. Instead of […]

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The Rise of Streaming and Mobile Apps

Movie night’s gotten a reboot over the last several years. Rather than renting a tape and hooking up a VHS player, today’s viewers can simply pull out their smartphones or tell a robot to turn on the TV to start watching their movie of choice. And thanks to streaming services, entertainment is now more accessible […]

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The Top 10 States Where a Dropped Call Could Get You Killed [New Report]

Whether you’re on the subway, walking around town, or sitting on your couch at home, you’ve likely experienced a cell phone dead zone where your call suddenly drops or you can’t access the internet. If you’re out and about, you may be too far from a cell tower, or a building, tree, or another barrier […]

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