The Most Popular ’90s Rom-Coms in Each State

A damp tissue, a line from Sandra Bullock, a look from Hugh Grant…there’s only one word for this scenario: rom-coms. A romantic comedy, or rom-com, is a type of movie that reduces romance lovers to tears and causes a fresh case of swooning over the likes of Tom Hanks and Richard Gere. Romantic comedies have been entertaining the masses for decades, but ’90s romantic comedies are known as some of the best. 

So are these classic films still near and dear to our hearts more than two decades later? (Yes, despite what we like to tell ourselves, the ’90s were no longer “just ten years ago”). Turns out our love for the likes of Pretty Women and While You Were Sleeping is still going strong throughout all 50 states. 

How do we know? ’90s rom-coms are googled regularly, enough so that we were able to nail down each state’s most popular movie.  Keep reading to see which ’90’s romantic comedy movie your state loves and which ones you should be watching.

Heartwarming Facts About Your Favorite ’90s Rom-Coms

  • Clueless and My Best Friend’s Wedding share the limelight as the most googled movie with 12 states each, though Father of the Bride was not far behind with 10 states.
  • Pretty Woman is the highest-grossing rom-com from the ’90s, bringing in $178,406,268 since it opened in March 1990. It’s the 4th highest-grossing rom-com of all time.
  • Only two of the movies on the map were made before 1995: Pretty Woman and Father of the Bride.
  • None of these movies have been remade yet, but both You’ve Got Mail and Father of the Bride were remakes of earlier films. Father of the Bride also has a sequel, and The Wedding Singer was turned into a musical.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You was the most searched for movie in Washington. Most likely because of the filming location being in Seattle.
  • Clueless director Amy Heckerling found out about the game “Suck and Blow” at an impromptu party at her house. She liked it so much, Cher and her friends play it at their own house party.
  • Meg Ryan worked at an NYC bookstore called Books of Wonder for a week in preparation for her role as Kathleen in You’ve Got Mail.
  • In Father of the Bride, George Banks ended up paying $249,323 for Annie’s wedding, according to BeFrugal.
  • Cameron Diaz didn’t want to sing in front of an audience in the karaoke scene for My Best Friend’s Wedding, so she lip-synced in rehearsal. But, at the last minute, director PJ Holmes thought her embarrassment would match her character Kimmy’s, so that’s really Cameron singing ‘I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.’

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USDish, your authorized DISH retailer, compiled a list of the top 10* romantic comedies debuting between 1990-1999 according to Ranker. We then plugged these movies into Google Trends to examine search volume by state over the past year.

*While we looked at the Top 10 according to Ranker, only 9 are depicted on the map because Sleepless in Seattle wasn’t most searched for in any state.


AlaskaThe Wedding Singer
ArkansasFather of the Bride
ColoradoFather of the Bride
DelawareWhile You Were Sleeping
District of ColumbiaNotting Hill
FloridaMy Best Friend's Wedding
GeorgiaMy Best Friend's Wedding
IdahoFather of the Bride
IllinoisMy Best Friend's Wedding
IndianaMy Best Friend's Wedding
IowaMy Best Friend's Wedding
KansasYou've Got Mail
KentuckyFather of the Bride
MaineThe Wedding Singer
MichiganFather of the Bride
MinnesotaFather of the Bride
MississippiPretty Woman
MissouriMy Best Friend's Wedding
MontanaFather of the Bride
NebraskaMy Best Friend's Wedding
NevadaFather of the Bride
New HampshireThe Wedding Singer
New JerseyClueless
New MexicoMy Best Friend's Wedding
New YorkPretty Woman
North CarolinaMy Best Friend's Wedding
North DakotaThe Wedding Singer
OhioFather of the Bride
OklahomaFather of the Bride
PennsylvaniaThe Wedding Singer
Rhode IslandClueless
South CarolinaMy Best Friend's Wedding
South DakotaYou've Got Mail
TennesseeMy Best Friend's Wedding
TexasMy Best Friend's Wedding
UtahYou've Got Mail
VermontWhile You Were Sleeping
Washington10 Things I Hate About You
West VirginiaYou've Got Mail
WisconsinThe Wedding Singer
WyomingThe Wedding Singer


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